Song Key Finder Support


Have you ever been listening to a song, or have a friend playing some chords and want to know what key the song is in? This app could help.

This little helper can be used to identify the key a song is in via several methods:

* A set of user-entered chords
* Analysing live music via the devices's microphone
* Analysing a local audio file on the device

All analysis is performed locally on the device, so doesn't eat through your data allowance.
The results of a scan can then be saved to be referred to later if required.

If there is a song that changes key part way through, on the song detail page you can enter the chords, or analyse via the microphone while you play that part of the song.

Main Page



At the top of the screen is a toolbar with several options

Add Manual

Select this option to go the Song Detail page, where you can see the details of a song, the sections, chords for each section, and the key of that section where found.

Scan Live

Select this option to use the microphone on your device, to listen to any song/music that’s performing live. It may take some time to get enough of the song to get an accurate result, depending on the song, but will update every couple of seconds with the current best-bet.  It will listen for up to two minutes, but should get a result way before then.  On completion you will be asked if you want to save the result for later.

Scan Mp3

This option launches a pick to find audio files on the local device or iCloud (where appropriate). After picking a file it will be scanned in the same way as the live scan, but is much faster at getting the result and can scan the whole file.  On completion you will be asked if you want to save the result for later.

Song List

Below the toolbar is the list of songs you have added, initially filled with an example song in C Major.  You can click on an item to move to Song Detail Page for that song, or you can delete a song by long pressing (on Android) or swiping-to-delete (on iOS).

Song Detail page

From here you can edit the song/artist names in the text boxes at the top, and add and remove sections.


At the top of the page is the toolbar section.  This contains an editor for the Artist and Song names, and several buttons.

Add Section

 “Add Section” will add a new section for the song, eg bridge, chorus etc. Each section can have its own set of chords, own name, and have it’s own key (in the event of a key change).

Scan Live

This performs as on the main page, listening to the phones microphone to record any ongoing audio.  The resulting ‘key’ found will be added to its own section.


Selecting this will show a picker to select a number of semi-tones to transpose the song by.  On selection, all sections of the song will be adjusted by that amout.


Each section can have its own name, and can be deleted by the “x” to the top right of the section. 

Below that is the chords section, where chords can be added (by hitting the big green ‘+’), or removed (by hitting the red x for that chord).  Matching keys are shown at the bottom of the section.  There may be cases where there are several options, or only a key if one or more of the chords are excluded (in the event of a ‘color chord’ which adds interest to a progression but doesn’t necessarily fit exactly in the given key).